Vinson Palathingal, Candidate for Fairfax County School Board, At Large

“If you look at the numbers, 53% of of our real estate taxes go straight to the operating budget of Fairfax County Schools. That is over $3 billion, not including the infrastructure expenses. There is no real oversight. [School Board] meetings go on for hours without any discussion about academics.” Vinson Palathingal

In this episode, Mike and Jill interview Vinson Palathingal, candidate for Fairfax County School Board, At Large. Vinson is an engineer by profession and a successful IT entrepreneur. Learn about his beginnings in Kerala, India, his emigration to the United States, his commitment to education and his plans to stop the continuing overall decline in Fairfax County schools. 

Vinson’s website:

Vinson’s email: Vinson@VinsonForSchoolBoard.Com

Vinson’s socials: @vinsonforschoolboard

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