Growing up in Kerala State, India, the first major province in the world where communists came to power through ballot, Vinson has seen how centrally planned socialist economies fail the common man, by having limited opportunities and promoting big government dependencies. Though he was not a fan of the distribution of wealth philosophy from the get go, he didn’t have any exposure to alternatives until he came to US.

As a student in India, he was instrumental in organizing against communist-believers who dominated college campuses through violent and terror tactics. He also witnessed how the minority and religious appeasement and pandering policies of socialist parties in India were a disaster, for majorities and minorities alike. He was excited to see the free-market capitalist economy of America, where rule of law and the protection of property rights are the very foundations for freedom, justice and security.

He wanted to promoted such ideals and that resulted in the formations of Indo-American Center (IAC), an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, free-market think-and-do tank. IAC is dedicated to strengthening the strategic partnership emerging between India and the US. Through initiatives focused on expanding commerce and trade, augmenting a security alliance, and advancing educational and civil society initiatives, IAC focuses on the foundational efforts of strengthening a competitive and vibrant market economy in India and the United States.


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