NRI plans institute to groom politicians in Kerala

Kochi, India:
One of the scores of project ideas that are to be unveiled at the Emerging Kerala Global Connect is to groom a tribe that the southern states badly needs now — responsible politicians capable to deliver.

US-based NRI Vinson X. Palathingal, a former resident of Al-Hufuf in Saudi Arabia, will present the Indian Institute of Political Management (IIPM) at the southern Indian state’s biggest brand building exercise to be opened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday. 
“India is the largest democracy in the world where politics and government are part of pretty much everything. Still, the vast majority of educated, middle-class citizens despise politicians and never want their children to have anything to do with politics. This dichotomy obviously does not bode well for the dream of a great future for India,” says Vinson.
The information technology entrepreneur who heads two companies in the US — Amaram Technology Corp and Amsco Global LLC — says his inspiration to set up IIPM comes from George Washington University (GWU) in the US, which offers masters and certificate programs in various aspects of political management.
“The most talented young adults tend to choose technical professions and show little interest in public life and it is safe to assume that the political leadership of tomorrow will belong to the mediocre. We need to see young leaders with higher intellectual and mental capacities enter politics and be adequately enabled to run the country,” he said. 
The institute will offer postgraduate degrees and certificates. There will be four masters degree programs and six graduate certificate programs. The masters program will be in the areas of political management, legislative affairs, strategic public relations and coalition management.