Indo-American Center



The Indo-American Center (IAC) is a 501(c)(3) independent, non-profit, non-partisan, free-market think tank, dedicated to strengthening the strategic partnership emerging between India and the US. Through initiatives focused on expanding commerce and trade, augmenting a security alliance, and advancing educational and civil society initiatives, we believe these two nations can mutually benefit and contribute to the global economy.

Our organization’s committed experts, scholars and partners, through key platforms, provide innovative solutions to the challenges that adversely affect the economy, trade and security. IAC advances policies that lead to higher levels of transparency, economic freedom and economic growth. IAC focuses on transforming ideas into action through publishing scientific and relevant research materials; hosting seminars, major conferences and scholarly roundtables; and organizing high-level briefings for legislators and members of the executive branches of government. IAC is an inclusive organization that seeks academicians, entrepreneurs, businesses, media and political leaders, university students, and the diaspora community.

IAC focuses on the foundational efforts of strengthening a competitive and vibrant market economy based on the rule of law, an independent judiciary, and protection of property rights, promoting greater transparency and strengthened security.


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