Amaram Technologies

Amaram Technology Corporation is an IT services firm focused on serving the federal government, state and local agencies and Fortune 500 companies founded by Vinson Palathingal. ‘Amaram’ is derived from an ancient Indian word that describes the stern of a ship where the ship’s controlling mechanisms are housed, and is a symbol of Direction and Control. Amaram’s approach to providing IT services is designed to ensure that their customers always maintain Direction and Control of their IT investments and initiatives.

As Vice-President of this venture, Vinson Palathingal has pioneered and led Amaram to great heights. Amaram has earned an excellent reputation and proven track record for providing the highest quality IT services, as evidenced by theirgrowing list of satisfied customers.

Amaram’s prestigious clientele boasts of the US Federal Government (Department of Education, Social Security Administration and US Food and Drug Administration), Secondary Mortgagors (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae), Banking and Finance leaders (Capital One and World Bank Group), and Web Technologies (Verizon and Network Solutions).

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