Election 2016


Vinson is an ardent Trump supporter. From the beginning, he has strongly believed that President Trump will lead us to recovery from massive government over-spending, a broken domestic industry, a failed immigration system and a weak foreign policy.

He has enthusiastically followed the Trump campaign from day one and realized that his movement spoke for the Little Guy. Being an Asian Indian immigrant and having lived in America for a quarter century, he has worked very hard to realize his American dream. He believes that the American system has changed for worse as big government advocates in Washington continue to stifle American small businesses by overregulation and draconian executive orders.

Our leaders didn’t find anything wrong in collecting money from countries and interests around the world who do not share our values and who are trying to sabotage our system by infiltrating at the highest echelons of our government. The political correctness of our leaders has reached a point where they were even ready to disown the founding fathers and their contributions due to all the social structures and beliefs of their times, such as slavery and the exclusion of women from political processes. Their reluctance to call our enemy ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ by its name to appease the Muslim community was not helping anyone at all.


This was the backdrop of his relentless campaign for Mr. Trump, using his social media and Asian Indian community associations.

Being an active member in the Asian Indian American community, Vinson has ensured that Mr. Trump’s message reached thousands in his community and beyond. He subsequently organized multiple fundraisers for the conservative office-seekers. Further, through his personal foundation, the Indo-American Center, a free-market political think tank, he promoted conservative policies through research projects, televised debates, and newsletters and web broadcasts.

Vinson earnestly believes that a Trump presidency is a golden opportunity, to restore the lost trust in the American dream and for the country to come together as a unified nation under one flag and one constitution, sharing common values and aspirations. America should not become a loose union of various ethnic people who happen to live together in the same geography. Trump’s win is a win for America and American exceptionalism. America should remain ‘the shining city on the hill’, a place where law & order and security are norms, not exceptions. America should remain the hope for the entire world and a place that is everyone’s dream, the same dream we all share, and one which we want to pass onto our next generations. Trump presidency is an opportunity for all of us to ‘Make America Great Again’.

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