Balto-Washington Activities

Vinson Palathingal was an active member of all the 3 Kerala Associations in the Balto-Washington region from early on. Vinson Palathingal    He was the Secretary of Kerala Association of Greater Washington (KAGW) in 1996, placed KAGW on the Internet ( in 1997 and administered the web site from its inception to present. is probably the first Kerala Association website ever. In 2008, as the president of KAGW, in addition to the many regular annual activities, provided strong leadership to initiate and activities1conduct a 2 day regional youth festival widely referred to as DC Talent Time. In a addition to many spectacular programs in 2008, KAGW began celebrating the festival of EID with all the Washington-Baltimore Malayalees for the first time.

In 2006, as the Secretary of Kerala Mela conducted at Maryland Soccerplex, Vinson as the General Secretary played a pivotal role in organizing the mega event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kerala formation in Washington DC. With over 10,000 people from all over the country and across the racial spectrum of the country attending the event, Kerala Mela  is the largest ever gathering of Malayalam speaking population in the USA. Vinson worked hand in hand in with Convener Mr. Binoy Thomas and other DC leaders such as Mr. Raj Kurup, Dr. Partha Pillai and Mr. Suresh Raj to make history with this event.

Whether it is Kerala Mela, Volley Ball or Association Activities, Vinson is always particular about balancing the budgets. All the major events he helped coordinate have ended up in surplus and have been used for charitable purposes.

Vinson is actively involved in the Indian Community activities in the Washington DC as well. In Response to the Terrorist Attack in Mumbai on November 26, 2008, Indian leaders in USA came forward to form an Indian American Task Force (IATF) to lobby US Government. The goal was to garner support for India in its fight against terrorism. As the coordinator, Vinson played a decisive role in organizing the “Washington Chalo” event, a major campaign on January 26th, 2009, by bringing about 250 prominent Indian leaders from across the United States to US Capitol and facilitated meetings with about 55 US Congressmen and Senators.activities3

While working at Fannie Mae, Vinson was the member of the Diversity Advisory Council chaired by the Vice Chair of the board Ms. Jamie Gorelick, representing the Asian-American community. As the Asian-Pacific Islander Employee Committee Chairperson, Vinson coordinated the most colorful Indian Independence Day celebration ever at Fannie Mae on 1998 August 15th.

Vinson Palathingal currently serves on the Board of Janey Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in the State of activities4

Maryland. The mission of Janey Foundation is to establish and support centers that provide care for individuals with disabilities in developing countries, with particular emphasis on India. Janey Foundation is actively involved in supporting the Janey Centre for Special Education, in Eroor near Tripoonithura in Ernakulam District.



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